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Good Morning All, In the coming days and months. I’ll be trying to use this blog to post Technology related articles, how to’s, and reviews for folks with disabilities or not. New articles will appear on the Gimpygeek’sTechnology Blog.

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Welcome to Gimpygeek.com, my technology blog. As anyone that knows me, my passion is my family and anything technology related. Basically I eat, sleep, and dream of how to use computers, gadgets, and internet(Cloud based) services to make life easier for my family and friends. I've been in the Information Technology field for the past 20 years(please see my resume for details). I'll be using this blog to post articles about my family and technology related software, gadgets, and web links that I find interesting. If you have any technology questions or things you'd like me to discuss, please send me a note at gimpygeek@gmail.com or a Voicemail (908) 912-GEEK(4335) . Well thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!